Maintenance Schedule

Last Updated May 21, 2015

The schedule for planned maintenance work on TransCanada's GTN System is posted below.

TransCanada's GTN System's analysis of historical flow patterns indicates that the maintenance schedule as posted will have the least impact on shippers while we perform critical and, in some instances, mandated work.

In addition, we have made every effort to coordinate TransCanada's GTN System's work with scheduled maintenance on upstream and downstream pipelines. Our objective is to minimize capacity reductions on the full Alberta-to-California transmission path over the spring/summer maintenance period.

TransCanada's GTN System uses its operational and maintenance flexibility to minimize the impact on firm shippers. In the event that demand exceeds projections and curtailments of firm capacity are unavoidable, any restrictions will be applied to all firm service contracts in accordance with TransCanada's GTN System's tariff.

Please note that the information posted below is proposed and subject to change. If you have any scheduling or nomination questions, please contact a Gas Transportation Coordinator at 888.750.6275.  If you have any operations questions, please contact Paul Oliver at 832.320.5885 or Monica Edwards at 832.320.5822. 





Click here to download the maintenance schedule. (pdf version)